ProBat is a software tool developed for people (especially consultants and government representatives) who deal with bat collisions at wind turbines. The software implements methods developed in three research projects called RENEBAT I to III. The research projects were conducted in Germany during the last decade and deal with developing methods for investigating and reducing the collision risk of bats at on-shore wind turbines.

ProBat is a R based application and calculates turbine specific cut-in wind speeds for a bat friendly operation of the turbine. The calculation of bat friendly curtailment algorithms is based on bat activity data recorded at the nacelle of the wind turbines and the respective wind speed data. Data must cover a sufficiently large time period that includes the main activity period of bats. In addition, the program offers the option to estimate the loss in revenue in curtailed operation.

Currently, acoustic data recorded with the bat detectors Batcorder (ecoObs), BATmode (bioacoustics technology), Ultrasound Gate (Avisoft) and the Anabat SD1 and SD2 (Titley Electronics) can be analysed. Batcorders from ecoObs must be used with one of the following threshold settings: -27dB, -30dB or -36dB.

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